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Energy healing sessions are rejuvenating, nurturing and deeply relaxing, promoting health, wellbeing and inner peace. They often also bring clarity and insights, giving you a deeper understanding of your personal journey and helping you move forward in your life with a fresh perspective.

Spending time immersed in this universal energy is a wonderful way to care for yourself, which also helps you care for the people you love. It helps to bring you into alignment with all that you want to create in your life, allowing you to live an authentic, balanced, healthy and fulfilling life.

During a session I rest my hands on or just above your body while you are sitting or lying down, fully clothed. The energy flows through me and interacts with your energy systems, gently releasing physical, emotional and mental stress, calming the body and encouraging alignment on all levels. This healing energy is non-invasive and complementary to all other forms of treatment.

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