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"I wasn't sure what to expect from my first session with Gina but it ended up being more amazing than I could have imagined. I felt energy coursing through my body and, on another level, my mind cleared and I received a clear insight as to the next step in my life's journey. The next day I was buzzing with energy, more than I have had for a long time. I can't wait for my next sessions."

Kirsty, Gosford, Australia

"Gina is definitely in the right business. She's a natural healer and the energy is more powerful than I've experienced anywhere else. She also helped me make really positive changes in my life. I'm very grateful."

Michelle, Gold Coast, Australia


"During a time of major crisis, my session with Gina helped me see a clear path through it and embrace the joy in my life. I felt rather sceptical of energy healing before my first session, but left feeling uplifted and without a doubt that Gina has an incredibly strong connection and power."
Diana, Sydney, Australia

"Gina, your healing has helped me to move forward to a place where life is so perfect. I am tackling confrontations better and I feel calm and in control in a nice way. Thank you so much."
Kaye, London, UK

"My session with Gina was truly a connection to spirit and healing. It was such a gentle yet powerful experience. I really sensed her feet connected to the earth and strongly supporting me, and I could feel a vibration in my back. There was a powerful energy flowing through her and through me. She helped me through a time of crisis and gave me a strong sense of peace."

Jenny, Northern Rivers, Australia


"I really felt the energy during the session. It was a very strong, transformative experience. Gina is great – I highly recommend her."

Hardress, Siena, Italy

"Gina’s caring and gentle nature instantly puts me at ease when I walk through the door. After each session I feel very peaceful and at ease. I often have personal insights throughout the session. The energy really helps me when I feel ‘stuck’ and need to move forward. Whether it’s for stress release or energetic or emotional healing, I’d recommend Gina to anyone for treatments."

Catherine, Sydney, Australia

"My sessions with Gina have been brilliant. She has such calm, healing energy that I always feel so much better afterwards."

Leanne, Sydney, Australia

"Gina is the best reiki practitioner I have ever had the pleasure of receiving a healing treatment from. Can't wait for the next one."
Sameena, London, UK

"I went to Gina for a sore back and had three healing sessions. I was amazed that a rash I'd had for a couple of years disappeared! And my back was much better as well."
Lionel, Sydney, Australia

"I have never felt so relaxed. All my stress just melted away and I had lots more energy!"
Paul, London, UK

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